CHRISTOPHER MCFALL – All For The Terror That Sings Sweetly To You In The Night


Just like his recent artistic associate Asher’s, Christopher McFall’s music has been progressively swelling around of late, its prominence constantly increasing with each outing. McFall is proving himself to be one of the best elicitors of psychophysical responses through the use of raw materials typically taken from the urban environments of the place where he lives. In this case, the title refers to the disquieting noises produced by the “black birds that routinely roost within the building architecture in the downtown district of Kansas City at night”. Those sounds are wholly modified by an uncompromising processing and mixed with pre-existent recordings, to give birth to a disconcerting setting of wailing spirits and reverberating clatter, occasionally close to post-industrial territories dimly indicative of entities such as Cranioclast yet still endowed with the mesmerizing metropolitan fragrance representative of this composer’s work. Particularly spellbinding in that sense is “Endurance”, whose initial cyclical bewailing calls to mind the cry of a damned soul for being helped out of hell. A 20-minute, 3-inch CD release which is more than adequate to underline, once again, the abilities of this artist.

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