Sorry For Being So Late, Vincent

I usually don’t waste my time with this kind of rubbish, but this might be comical for someone. There’s a Canadian guy named Vincent Bergeron who, in 2008, sent me his CD Philosophie Fantasmagorique – a funny, partially interesting record whose review can be found in the “Archives 2001-2008” section of this site.

Only by chance today I discovered an interview with Mr. Bergeron on Tokafi, published at the end of last year, in which he was so exquisite to tell these things:

I keep the promotion simple and highly selective. Even in these conditions, by lack of options, you send something to a site like Touching Extremes which I strongly dislike for the kind of writing we can read there. They prefer listener excuses and expected free jazz. For so many people in the small experimental music world, if it is not drone music or free jazz, it is not good. Apparently, albums also need a steady instrumentation, the same for all songs if you are more unusual than the norm. And do not indulge on ideas, this is the worst plan. One idea per album is what you need… Don’t you know? Experimental music should be listened while reading a book or it is not good. Mostly though, I am getting good reviews and I would say the best comments come from both songwriters and electroacoustic students. I am glad it is well understood by persons from a large variety of backgrounds. I don’t want to make music for the elite only.

Unwilling to analyze the reasons behind this man’s behavior, I just wanted everybody to know that Mr. Vincent Bergeron had previously asked yours truly, via email, of BUYING this CD for review purpose. After my non-reply to that absurd request, he willingly sent the record.

Despite my non-negative and rather amused review, Mr. Bergeron felt somehow offended and proceeded to send me another email with rather unpleasant comments.

There is something more that I should say about what happened later on, which I won’t do because it would make Mr. Bergeron’s frail psyche crumble and, especially, because this would involve third persons who are obviously not responsible for this guy’s rants.

I only chose to let everybody know the kind of low level a true genius (I’m being ironic, Vincent) can sink to. I also would like to emphasize Tokafi’s choice of running such kind of less than intelligent statements without second thoughts.

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