Rapid Moment

Fasane Hula Punk (don’t ask) combines a saxophonist (Gallio, on soprano throughout) with a guitarist (Rupp), players of whom I’ve been deepening my knowledge quite sparingly, but also regularly – with a declared preference for the former’s output, to be honest. Nonetheless, this meeting is really one of a kind – and a complete success – for a series of reasons. The first is the totally unadulterated quality of the music produced in the thirteen (unnamed) tracks. No hint to pre-constructed itemization, or to any sort of genre characterization; yet the lucidity with which these dissertations occur is beyond belief, the artists’ timbral unambiguousness and clearness of intents manifest in every single minute of the CD. Secondarily, there’s the extreme democracy shown by both participants, who let their instruments do the talking without sounding despotic, always respecting the reciprocal needs of space while limiting conceptual annihilation intelligently, a bright zaniness defining the more squawking utterances. In a word, a strong sense of integration exists between the spontaneously emitted parts, be them notes or noise; this is something from which the listener benefits enormously. Lastly, the absolute clarity of the instantaneous statements, mainly expressed through sparkling string timbres (Rupp is unquestionably capable of muddying up the whole in a second, though) and show-stopping articulations of reed phraseologies, revealing Gallio’s utmost command of an untainted instrumental virtuosity. The cover – among the most absurd artworks seen in a long time – is the ideal container of an entirely satisfying, ear-restorative release.

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