MECHA/ORGA – 61:50 (Second Review*)

Triple Bath

I’m happy to be the possessor of an exemplar of this 128-copy limited edition, as Yorgis Sakellariou put a lot of competence in the work, confirming himself among the best creators in the field of noise-induced stupor. The four tracks of 61:50 are all valid statements – especially “31:43”, an inferno of growingly ruthless feedbacks and membrane-shooting frequencies that might annihilate a normal person’s resistance at any given moment – and the symbol of Mecha/Orga’s ability in generating entrancement without recurring to inane metaphors or pictorial futility. He takes a source, usually a single one (characteristically left unspecified), and goes straight to the point: a loop, ten loops, a progressively expanding series of intersections until a gorgeous kind of mayhem inevitably happens, typically taken to an almost explosive apex. Or, as in the case of “11:33”, humongous obscure currents used as a choking gas. Looking out of my train’s window this morning, the November sky was a dead-black menace, figures of stripped tree tops contrasting extensive lines of high tension wires while I was listening. Can’t explain it better, but all of a sudden everything clicked. And the rain couldn’t touch me.

* After publishing this, that kind man named Yiorgis Sakellariou politely made me notice that I had already reviewed this record – (on Temporary Fault, April 2009!). I decided to leave this one up, too as an example of what happens to the gradually disintegrating brain of a reviewer submerged by thousands of CDs and a few LPs. It’s my good luck that at least the positive reaction remained…

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