RODRIGO AMADO – Searching For Adam

Not Two

One immediately realizes when, in an improvisational setting, the components are ill-assorted in a way that causes an unestablished kind of interplay as a result. You know, the typical sense of uncollected fragments, of “wrong” self-determination that defines a disarray where creativity is dreadfully omitted. On the contrary, saxophonist Amado (tenor and baritone) chose the individual constituents for Searching For Adam with the same spirit in which he looks for peculiar gatherings of elements in his equally brilliant photographs, a cross of human activity and perfection of detail adorning the cover of this CD as an admirable example. For that reason Taylor Ho Bynum – on cornet and flugelhorn – represents a great complement for Amado’s mix of lyricism and relentlessness, both artists giving birth to a number of situations in which “interdependence” and “independence” bear equivalent meaning, not only a pronunciation affinity. During an extended portion of the 21-minute long “Waiting For Andy” they initiate a conversation in which we experience a feeling of shared admiration mixed with the will of bringing each man’s affirmation to completion, the outcome a superimposition of striking involvedness and absolute spontaneity which pushes fatigue a couple of kilometres away from the ears. The rhythm section – bassist John Hébert and drummer Gerald Cleaver – divulge their intention of interacting within the quartet either through the opposition to laxative swinging or via sharp-minded contributions on the counterpoint front, performing the duties with a pairing of propriety and inquisitiveness. This abundant hour is a song for the obliteration of over-decorated formulaic pointlessness, and a fiercely sober sample of contemporary jazz.

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