SPIN MARVEL – The Reluctantly Politicised Mr.James


Reasonably edgy non-figurativeness from a band led by drummer Martin France and comprising guitarist John Parricelli, bassist Tim Harries and percussionist and “sound-audio editor” Terje Evensen. In this circumstance they’re aided and, in a way, pushed onwards by none other than Nils Petter Molvær, who inserts his renowned trumpet lines (often evoking Jon Hassell’s spirit, minus the heavy processing) amidst a plethora of sinisterly reverberating mutated ambiences. The group generates contaminated configurations that employ lots of factors – including disjointed drum’n’bass – to hint to a fusion for an as yet undecided age; on opposite boundaries, warningly magnetic soundscapes allow the listener to inhale deeper, if just for a short while. In those junctures the music depicts alluring imageries where wide vistas suddenly appear, but also sensations of seclusion; this is pretty soon replaced by the renewed vigour of an intoxicating pressure, explicated by a blend of nervous pulse and electric abstractness. Let’s face it: nothing heard here is really that new, but fans of artists like the aforementioned Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft and – why not – David Torn circa Cloud About Mercury (that’s a forgotten masterpiece, folks) might benefit from this CD quite a bit.

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