GUNTER ADLER – Douches Dames


A nice little 3-inch from 2008, comprising materials originally crafted for an installation to be held in an indoor swimming pool in Brussels. Gunter Adler (a nom d’art) carried his endeavour to realization by manipulating a concoction of field recordings (from the building’s insides), “antique heptatonic scales” and synthesized echoes. In subsequent parts, those first creatures underwent further processing; the combination of sounds and visuals (the latter by Isabelle Roquette) generated the patchwork that accompanied the exhibition at that time. Left with the difficult task of producing an estimation three years later – and without the visual aspect – I can only say that this is a valid record. The sources are reliably heterogeneous and remarkably deployed, manipulated in a way that presents them as juicy acousmatic fruits for the ears’ tongue to suck. The soundscape is mostly deprived of any sense of danger, its soothing quality enhanced by half-liquid, half-rubbery elusiveness. And the affecting glissandos that characterize “Scheppertones” are alone a reason for listening to this mini-disc.

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