Swiss saxophonist and composer Gallio is an affable chap and an intelligent artist. This is why he decided to send his last work to this asocial writer and less-than-clever human residue, surely the most indicated person to review two seven-inch vinyls and a CD revolving around the concept of “social music”. Kidding aside, the underlying notion is very interesting: 147 short “aphorisms” or “signatures” – a few seconds of length each – played alone on the reeds or with the help of fellow “social” improvisers (Andrea Neumann, Kazumi, Hans Benda, Helmut Erler, Sven Åke Johansson, Jan Roder, Olaf Rupp and Oliver Steidle). The idea is that of using these brief snippets at various speeds and in different arrangements in order for listeners to contextualize the results in their own situation. Gallio adds that the loops might also be sampled and reutilized for other recordings, by DJs and whoever is interested in socializing through playing, which is – according to Björn Gottstein’s liners – “an act of community that can by no means be reduced to sound”. Now, that’s swearing to a god. Considering that your immature emcee extracts the maximum available gratification from solitary sessions similar to a rigorous ritual, during which no one or nothing could break the man/instrument unity, I’d have many things to say which would dismantle this theory, which may be valid sociologically but – in terms of direct connection with a so-called superior sphere – is a severe limitation of the possibilities of sound as enhancer of a psychophysical entity. Don’t listen to this grumpy babbler, in any case: the stuff contained here is amusing, witty and full of nice quirks. Its unpretentious minimalist dress reveals musicianship of the finest caliber, and there’s not a second in which you’ll get annoyed. However, keep fraternizing without distinction and you’re definitely going to remain deluded sooner or later. Time to waste with people is not on sale anymore in this shop.

(Those who decide to give the theory a try and get actively involved should visit this website).

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