In 2064 this reviewer will be 100; the Italian capital, where he was born and still works (luckily not “lives”), is indeed a Sub City. Not in the sense meant by this duo: what I’m implying is that Rome is a place mainly inhabited by sub-normal populaces self-persuaded of their importance. These are in themselves excellent reasons for a mention of this CD, the fruit of a long-distance partnership between a Turkish composer whose love for the electronic generation of (sometimes) unusual sounds is renowned, and a multifaceted Swedish musician who finds himself at ease in every possible situation – indies to majors. Utilizing a series of string and reed instruments – including less common machines such as “TogaMan GuitarViol” and “drop-B electric guitar” – these gentlemen created music “in the cinematic vibe of a chilly sci-fi horror soundtrack”. In point of fact I didn’t trace genuine intimidation, only a rich acoustic emulsion. It remains to be seen if the compositional matters equal the spectacular atmospheres generated by the professional management of the sources. So and so, says the wise old man. While the musicians took care of the sumptuous aspects of each mix, and the fantasy shown in producing sonorities worthy of praise is not in discussion, the weight of these pieces is quite light. In synthesis, had the material actually been used for cinematographic purpose it would have made for a very good try. Taken as a regular release, a “smart-use-of-expensive-toys” whiff advances inexorably after the third or fourth track. Mind you, though, there’s much worse stuff around. At least this is well planned and executed.

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