Aural Terrains

The nearly 21 minutes of “Snow In Hadal Zone” – which absorbs two thirds of Erosions, the newest record by London-based Ian S. aka Lutnahimat – are but a miniature replica of Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith. The mesmerizing effect is there, the originality unfortunately not, however I tend to forgive an evident similitude when it’s not dispatched as the upshot of solipsistic transcendence (with dad’s money in the pocket). Having said this, the unfurling corkscrew drone pushing the piece forward grants the listener a state of reasonable irrationality. The much shorter “Absence Of Alternative Conditions” introduces a degree of stoned string melody to the looping fantasy, an incomprehensible voice dictating snippets of unease during a sloping nightmare enhanced by unsettling apparitions. Very lysergic and superior to the preceding track in terms of artistic worth. The record is ended by “Senescence”, an abstract juxtaposition of violent discharges, echoes from a blurred past, muffled voices and post-industrial reverberations that would love to be deemed haunting but are not, despite the creator’s attempt to startle the audience with large doses of acoustic instability. It takes a lot more to achieve that result in this crabby reviewer’s callous psyche; meanwhile, the magnanimous fans infesting this musical area might find this one a worthy addition to their collection.

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