A Couple Of Not-So-Recent Discs By Francisco Meirino

(The newer ones will be dealt with in due time, here or elsewhere – no worry).

PHROQ – Connections, Opportunities For Mistakes

Although the Phroq moniker has recently been disposed of by Meirino, this is not a convincing reason to quit looking for this excellent 2008 release. The sound of malfunctioning apparatuses and dying PAs is the essential constituent of this music, which only an ignorant could still call “noise” after listening to the extreme care applied in the disposition of the sounds, and the way in which Meirino’s equalization gifts them with a distinctive harmonic character. Once a source is chosen (and, needless to say, left unspecified), long minutes of genuine bliss inevitably follow. The skull is literally shaken by the inherent pulse of that matter, incisive frequencies stimulating the aural conduits in the right manner. They do not just pierce, but alter the order of things and unbalance any expectancy, if there were any. The result is a magnificent example of unkind hypnosis – sporadically broken by a radical shift of texture – from which a tuned brain immediately benefits. (Shiver Sounds)

FRANCISCO MEIRINO – Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

This excellently titled record represents a hypothetical continuation – two years later – of the sonic analysis that had characterized the above reviewed Connections. The compositional element is slightly more manifest; there’s also a noticeable degree of improvement in the aesthetical features of the textural amassment. A piece in particular, “Unsuccessful Attempts At Trying To Explain The Meaning Of These Sounds”, grows gradually and mightily through a nearly consonant static accretion, but is soon interrupted by a violent discharge introducing the habitual helping of sharp acridness and massive throbbing that defines large segments of this artist’s CDs. The title track moves around similar coordinates, placing interference, edginess and gratification on the same level of acceptability. In general, Anthems seems to better focus Meirino’s intentions (especially considering its shorter duration – in this genre, that can make a difference in terms of expressive urgency). It treats us to a plethora of reviving acoustic signals, the kind of stuff this writer would always like to hear as a replacement for talking people. (Echomusic)

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