DOUBT – Never Pet A Burning Dog


If you stopped listening after the initial delicateness of “Corale Di San Luca” – a tolling bell introducing special guest Richard Sinclair’s exquisite vocalizations on a quiet, yet not easy theme – you could almost think to a late chapter from Canterbury’s saga. Instead, Doubt improvise a lot, often indulging in overcharged superimpositions of keyboards (Alex Maguire) and guitars (Michel Delville) upon Tony Bianco’s multifarious drumming. The trio even performs a Terje Rypdal piece, “Over Birkerot”, with a good degree of sweat and passion. It’s obviously stuff for aficionados of ancient progressive, those who are not ashamed to say that they still piss their pants when spinning a Soft Machine CD. Contrarily to many pathetic projects developed in recent years in the same district, these men appear animated by the right type of energy. The record’s overall character may recall the times of yore – Fender Rhodes, Hammond, mellotron, Roland guitar synths have that kind of clout – however the vivacity perceived is quite vibrant, spontaneity and enthusiasm prevailing on the musty aromas of exploitation of nostalgia. Those who never understood the literature of the 70s might do well to remain at safe distance, but this is a decent disc.

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