SEASONS (PRE-DIN) – Lesser And Still


Still anonymous, still clever enough to avoid bullshit. After my enjoyment of a previous release on Mystery Sea a while ago, Seasons (Pre-Din) comes back with a 130-copy limited edition exploiting the useful nuances deriving from a coincidence of radio ghosts, camouflaged instruments, urban landscapes and various kinds of noise. In some aspects, the CD might constitute (stereotype alert!) a soundtrack for an imminent apocalypse: listen to the cyber-seagull-like muffled squealing at the beginning of the fifth section (there’s also a phantom track whose instrumental basis is rather Pink Floyd-ish). The predominant pressure and the ominous atmosphere – facilitated by omnipresent subsonics and sinisterly morphing timbral combinations – are vaguely comparable with other realities from the same district (dark post-industrial whatchamacallit and bordering regions). Indeed, selected parts made yours truly fantasize about a Lustmord/Morthound crossbreed. However, once again the protagonist managed to separate his music from cheap commonplace, dousing the whole work with a tangible anguish that keeps it quite distant from the syrupy boredom typical of 90% of this stuff. A potential explosion of violence looms, but it never happens; tension is not released, and many sounds are just great to hear. Another good one – and “for Massimo Ricci” is even printed on the cover. Who knows if it’s a personalized promo – I think so – or an actual dedication to this barking scribbler? Go, (Pre-din), go.

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