CHIP SHOP MUSIC – You Can Shop Around But You Won’t Find Any Cheaper


Chip Shop Music is the quartet of Erik Carlsson, Martin Küchen, David Lacey and Paul Vogel playing “some combination of reeds, percussion and electronics”, this work following a 2007 debut CD. Three movements are featured, all improvised. The beginning is characterized by a kind of strangled obsessiveness, before a corpulent saturation starts pushing and vibrating within the ears. Weak emissions appear in a dim light, then it’s persistent buzzing with interference and pulse. The second part is set in motion by barely traceable glimmering, somewhat disturbed. Soft hits on metal, hints of clattering patterns and various kinds of tolling are meshed with rattling drones and fixed sharp pitches, the general sense one of pressure. The reeds emerge from the background as mementos, irregular pops confirming what the main sources are. The low volume pushes us to listen “inside” the mix, a crude coherence defining this brew of crunch, bubble and strained tones. The final section presents rumbles “from the bottom”, clinks and whispers, followed by a sort of unquiet frying, micro-activity on the borders of audibility. A slight intensification of the events introduces extensive acute resonances, bell-like sounds, an entrancement close to ritualism ending in serious harshness. The closure of this interesting work occurs via sparse bumps in a gradual rarefaction, as one’s already willing to replay the disc to clarify the most obscure aspects of this idealistic research.

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