Drip Audio

Guitarist Grdina – who also plays a nice oud in “Enshakoota”, a slightly atypical track in an otherwise rather predictable disc – is one of those axemen cooking recipes replete with angular lines (preferably overdriven) and equally raw-boned themes, delivering them with punkish spices and drops of sweat and saliva flying everywhere. The effort is complemented by bassist Tommy Babin and drummer Kenton Loewen applying their own clout in a formula that finds various dozens of groups doing comparable things (I could mention at least three or four on Cuneiform, but please let me avoid naming names now). Mats Gustafsson tries his best to add some more fuel to an already combustible set according to a renowned muscularity, showing chops and dirtiness in different instances and levels of concentration. These are honest musicians, no question about it. Yet, as mentioned before, the kind of music they play has probably been heard a hundred times – in (scarcely) varying combinations – in this house. No actual negatives to point out, in truth; the work is sincere and gifted with a positive vibe, dutifully transmitted to an howling audience (yes, it’s a live concert, precisely from 2009’s Vancouver Jazz Festival). However, it will be forgotten soon. That’s the problem.

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