FRANCISCO MEIRINO – Recordings Of Voltage Errors, Magnetic Fields, On-Site Testimonies & Tape Tension

Misanthropic Agenda

Naming an album with a 10-word review of its content is an excellent idea to assist poor scribblers. In fact, I was just given a chance of avoiding the umpteenth repeat of preposterous depictions, and concentrate on other types of analysis. For instance, Meirino’s ability of producing modern-sounding brilliance from such kinds of viciously callous emanations. In this release – originally a CDR in super-limited edition, now a luscious vinyl, unfortunately lacking a chunk of the pre-existing material and STILL issued in mere 90 copies – the ruthless ear-quake promoter decided to focus a little more on spacing. This he did through competent grouping and deployment of malfunctioning apparatuses and location recordings (the latter collected in Switzerland and Spain in 2010). The results appear at the same time carefully constructed, perfectly natural and rather startling; when Meirino follows the crunchier discharges with a magnificent drone in “Reel To Reel, End To End” we even get pretty near DanielMencheLand for about thirty seconds, before the usual discombobulating assortments of dizzying frequencies and pumping-from-within subsonics reclaim the possession of our (un)balance. As far as social relation-killing composers are concerned, the guy is approaching the very top of my personal list.

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