This improvising duo for trombone (Matthias Müller) and drums/percussion (Christian Marien) is unequivocal, starting from the album’s very title which expresses exactly what happens throughout its six tracks. Obviously, it falls on the big horn to produce the large part of grumbling, bubbling and obsessed blah-blah; this is something which this writer, who has been a lover of East European cartoons replete with similar sounds since the early childhood, is absolutely used to but not less responsive (go to You Tube and dig some Gusztav to understand). Müller is a technically gifted player, in the same vein of the Hubwebers and the Rutherfords; a bravura not ruined by the constant emission of notes, involving and amusing through fat tones and blubbery groans all along while also minding to the reciprocal breathing room, never obsessively saturated and/or invaded. Marien is a great responder to the systematic attempts of altercation – or just animated dialogue – that the partner throws by the dozen. He utilizes the drum set with pyrotechnically susceptible facility, maintaining the ears well open to sudden changes of the dynamic picture: in “IMHK”, for instance, the couple enjoys a rare moment of tranquillity before restarting the customary, and ever-ironic exchanges. A pleasing listen overall – and I admit that the wish of hearing even more quarrelling and tit-for-tats in a trio with the volcanic Joëlle Léandre is already appearing at the back of my mind.

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