MATT SHOEMAKER – Soundtrack For Dislocation

Elevator Bath

Don’t bother to dissect the mix of Soundtrack For Dislocation in the hopeless attempt of decoding the sources used by Matt Shoemaker. Of course one can try and guess a part of them, probably erring. Shortwave radios? Rubbed metals? Slowed tapes of percussion instruments? Synthesizers? Heaven knows. But there’s nothing more distant than heaven in this music, which at times sounds like an assemblage of floating waste selected by Charon during his countless trips across the Styx. “Arrival” appears as a prologue to the mashing of our very flesh; in “Fuse Error Phantom” we observe the supremacy of superimposed noises and buzzes getting the upper hand as the mind suggests screaming souls in the remote background. At the beginning of “Circulation Within The Elemental Drift”, a visit from Eliane Radigue’s sorrowful spirit is perceived, before the lengthy track extends its metallically droning influence on the environment first and the listener’s subconscious later. Intoxication and tense watchfulness are mixed in identical doses, a sense of inescapability underlining the dispersal of the frequencies. The birds chirping amidst utter stillness at the album’s closure expand the atmosphere of isolation even further. A rare instance in which the abundance of layers increases the weight of the meaning, an excellent work whose magnitude will grow with the passage of time, contrarily to the large quantity of unrequested releases in this artistically moribund category.

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