KASSEL JAEGER – Lignes D’Erre & Randons


Utilizing an assortment of diversely shaped field recordings (including a light aircraft, the wind in a pipeline and the washing waters of a river) Kassel Jaeger created a work that – amidst stacks of comparable releases – stands out for rigour and succinctness, not to mention the engrossing static harmonies involuntarily generated by the layering of certain sources (the best examples to be found in “Zwischenstadt” and especially in the mournfully concrete mantra of “Blank Pyramid”). The secret of this success lies indeed in the instant musicality of the whole; many dabblers active in this area can initially astonish an audience by throwing the “special effects” and the most beautifully recorded occurrences in their face for a classic “oh-my-god-how-wonderful” reaction, only to remain anchored to a depressing compositional ineffectiveness fundamentally deriving from a lack of inner ear. The interrelations between the different sounds in Lignes D’Erre & Randons are always perfectly visible, without the need of ambiguous messages or cryptic inviolability. The ability of catching the essential meaning of a natural phenomenon or the musical constituent of what we regularly perceive as noise is extremely important, for it is exactly what separates a serious composer from a mere gatherer of unconnected episodes.

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