JONAS KOCHER – Materials

Creative Sources

A rather frigid but serviceable album for accordion, objects and electronics. Once again I have to praise the choice of keeping things short at 35 minutes, probably the ideal duration nowadays for this type of release. The components are distinct and clearly identifiable; the accordion’s toneless ebb and flow in the initial “Bellow, Bow” might dangerously recall a hundred thousand humid currents heard in similar territories, especially by reed players; luckily for us, Kocher has other cards to play. He employs the percussive clacking of the buttons, elicits ear-piercing upper partials by bowing cymbals, produces hyper-acute pitches gathering them in static clusters and manages to explore the low-drone region in “Buttons”. In any case, these are not easily classifiable pieces; more than reasoning about a classic “composition/improvisation” dichotomy, one tends to consider Materials as a series of pithy experiments – some achieving the aim, others much less successful – carried out with the intent of observing known instruments from different angles. A sense of rational accuracy is detectable, the method absolutely comprehensible. The sonic outcome is not exactly shocking, yet we will always prefer clearness in meagerness as opposed to the misleading presumptions of higher implications.

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