THOMAS BEY WILLIAM BAILEY – Progressive Lycanthropy

Mirror Tapes

Not only Thom Bailey produces some of the most invigorating computer-assisted noise music around; he can also write interestingly on hundreds of disparate topics, typically in relation to the effects of certain sounds on the human brain. The booklet accompanying this tape explicates too many unknowable facts to be listed here, but the main objective is that of letting people realize about the potentially nefarious behaviour of individuals subjected to a treatment via the “feraliminal lycanthropizer”. This is an acoustic apparatus that almost nobody knows of, allegedly utilized prior to selected military actions in order to render soldiers able to commit ghastly crimes in times of war. Employing drones derived from that – modified by spectral shaping software – plus samples of black metal and his own violent cries (quite bloodcurdling, even if mixed relatively low), Bailey constructed a work that exudes acumen in the same places where average distortion-mongers attacks the ears inconsiderately, ultimately losing both focus and artistic value. On the contrary, TBWB is creditable for the clobbering lucidity of the overall design, a quality that allows him to sonically expound aspects of brutality and behavioral coercion with the scientific inflexibility of a laboratory analyst. Rarely scathing hostility and harsh droning have sounded so attractive; grab one of the 200 exemplars of this cassette fast and, while you’re at it, find a copy of 2009’s book MicroBionic. It was calculatedly destroyed by Wire (having Bailey previously not been gentle enough with them) hence you know that it’s mandatory reading.

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