Self Release

The weird code of this project’s name derives from the contraction of A Spirale (a group already reviewed – positively – on these shores, lending saxophonist Mario Gabola and guitarist Maurizio Argenziano here) paired with the artistic nom de plume of Mimmo Napolitano, who deals with synthesizers and electronic secretions. The CD was sent to me over two years ago, but it’s still worthy of an encouraging word and a seek-out by inquisitive listeners. We’re talking about a type of communication that takes elements from existing EAI-related matters – the constant fluttering of the reeds being a notable trait in that sense – organized according to an imaginative approach, not necessarily connected with a predefined configuration. Electronics play an influential role in the music’s economy: irregular buzzing, incongruous bleeps and feverish tremors destroy any hint of routine. An overall palpable pressure prevails, enhanced by Argenziano’s gritty textures often transcending into overdriven dirtiness not needing virtuosity to express a state of mind, or absence of the same. Vocal emissions – courtesy of Gabola and Emilio Barone – complement some of the most tortuous improvisational trails. Thus these gentlemen depict their work: “unpredictable movement, without any meaning, with no rhythm”. I’d also add “with no substantial defects”.

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