Let’s face it, it’s not uncommon to find electroacoustic music whose leaning towards immoderate grandeur renders the listening experience an ordeal despite intellectual implications and philosophical motivations. Those demoralizing features are all but forgotten in Landschaft Mit Flöte, a natural-sounding juxtaposition of virtuoso playing by flutist Lacroix (in turn, sampled and electronically modified by Stankovski and Bogner) and a series of audio narratives that possess the huge merit of making the selected environments appear exactly as they are – processing notwithstanding – exclusive of artificial degradations and pretentious connections. Engrossing marine sonorities are alternated with complex phrasing and tongue-elicited percussive techniques on the flute, proofs of Lacroix’s total command of the instrument, with particular reference to the aptly titled “Etudes Sur La Mer”. Indeed the whole release is vividly reminiscent of vast fields and sea breeze, causing us to instantly rewind the tape of the memory to our beloved friendless bicycle trips. In those adolescent summers, one could still stay under the sun for three hours without being killed by the UV radiation, inhaling every flower’s scent, hearing the whispering trees and the buzzing of bees in an unbelievably quiet countryside. Meanwhile, the masses were splattered on some nearby beach. Accurately designed and masterfully fabricated, this record – which, as far as I have seen, received just a single review to date (appallingly trivial, for good measure) – certainly deserves greater recognition and a more constructive evaluation even after two years from its publication.

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