LOREN DENT – Anthropology Vol.1


Working with stretched samples of “classical and contemporary works” through a network of software, loops and bows (both electric and manual), Loren Dent likes to dramatically freeze the decaying features of persistence within compositions that are best described as gradual parabolas of mainly string-based clusters. Intermittently, the consonant factors attempt to take over, thus attributing the music with a soundtrack-ish aroma that’s not exactly what my doctor ordered. This notwithstanding, there are enough adjacent chords and imposing swells to keep me content for a significant portion of this long CD. The acoustic mass doesn’t give an idea of threat, or vulnerability for that matter; it’s more or less designed according to invariable principles of slowly shifting intensity and profusion of components, stratified flows of quasi-stationary suspension often managing to cause moments of legitimate pleasure (“Love Begins At Zero” being a favourite spot in that sense). We’re not telling that ecstasy overwhelmed us, although spinning this at considerable volume does help. But the substantial qualities definitely outshine the few defects, which in this commonplace-saturated area equals a clear win. Tim Hecker’s fans might be keen on Anthropology Vol.1 quite a bit, too.

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