The Land Of

Artistic units like My Fun (Justin Hardison, also The Land Of’s founder and runner) are the exact reason for which we deem a handcrafted item as five times more gratifying than a download, particularly at this level of distinction. Camaraderie is in fact the joint effort of Hardison (obviously providing the music), poet John Ira Ebersole (whose stimulating words constitute the bulk of the enclosed booklet) and designer Kimberly Ellen Hall, the latter enriching the whole with her artwork. Ever since you start cuddling this little object of art, there is satisfaction in finding that someone still wants to place the fruits of their brain’s activity into something tangible for people to treasure. The spinning of the CD confirms My Fun as one of the hidden treasures in “our” ground. Hardison remains faithful to the label’s motto “exploring the subtle detail and beauty in everyday sounds”, creating tiny pieces of often engrossing acoustic enlightenment where the relationship between normality and trance is kept very close. The way in which concrete materials and instrumental shades are merged is delicate and unassuming, the sources not always explicable in these discerning arrangements. Conversely, in “Easy Rest” and, especially, “Gasp”, consciousness is led through the sort of awe-inspiring trip – made easier by a knowledgeable use of drone-based levitation – where combinations of undernourished plainness and soul-stirring vibration elevate us that necessary bit to disregard realism, at least for a while.

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