Classic piano trio (the title means in fact “three” in the Apache language) led by a Horace Tapscott alumnus – who has played, among others, with David Murray, Han Bennink, John Tchicai and Louis Moholo-Moholo – escorted by two sons of trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez, Aaron on bass and Stefan on drums. I confess to be a first-class sucker for anything piano-related, from an edge to the other – Greg Goodman to Rainer Brüninghaus, if you get the picture – and among my primary references as far as improvisation is concerned stands Cecil Taylor. Thus a somewhat childish admiration for brilliant handlers of the blacks and whites – Clark definitely belongs there – is all but warranted. In segments like “Joy”, the influence of traditional styles (blues in particular) is clearly audible; luckily, obligations for à-la-mode avantgard-ism do not find citizenship anywhere. Chords and flurries sound unambiguous, articulated with exactitude and intelligibility yet endowed with the right quantity of reminiscence and respect. The Gonzalezes bring in a healthy dose of attentive support, avoiding the trespassing of the border of appropriateness even when left by themselves for solos. A “quiet afternoon” kind of jazz, adequately rewarding despite the non-revolutionary fragrance.

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