Concerned with the multidimensionality of the notion of identity, polyvalent Irish artist Jennifer Walshe connects the listener with a schizophrenic world of sounds, wheezy utterances and wacky recollections that’s really beyond compare, as well as unpredictably staggering. The four compositions in Nature Data exploit the manifest attributes of her communicative persona, mixing original vision and mental rapidity in patchworks that offer several points of reflection, rigorously after the record’s end. An impressive spread of extended vocal techniques is immediately exposed during the initial title track where, responding to a narrator in an old cassette, Walshe impersonates a series of animals (imaginary or less) with emphatic fervour. In “(Your Name Here)” we’re subjected to female remembrances of first contacts with adolescent sex – and, in some instances, correlated repulsiveness – intermingled with instrumental fragments featuring frantic violins and substrata of ill-defined frequencies. In the long “I: Same Person / II: Not The Same Person” the climax, so to speak, is a comprehensive drubbing via cranium-pounding sinewaves culminating in a short, but truly disquieting segment in which the protagonist repeatedly sobs a desperate “I don’t know” while pretending to be choked by someone; it’s done in such a graphic fashion that one feels genuinely bad. The closing G.L.O.R.I.- is a swarming attack of human sampladelia – including quotes from Bee Gees, Abba, Queen, Take That and Bacharach – entirely performed by an astonishing Walshe in real time. Face it, certain brains do possess a couple of additional gears.

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