Two Different Acceptations Of The Expression “Short Work”


While I have tried – for about thirty seconds – to understand if Kevin Ponto is just a fictional character (no news whatsoever to be found in the press release or in the label’s website), Justin Varis – from Cincinnati, living in Los Angeles – published this a few months ago, a download-only work consisting of nineteen minutes divided into five concise pieces. Piano is the sole sound generator, effortless melodic materials played very sparsely. It would be unsatisfactory per se, but here is the trick: a software treatment that “disrupts” the general placidity, inserting sporadic interruptions, shifts and glitches. It still avoids any exciting dangerous place, yet listened in quietness with a moderate volume level it’s agreeable enough, nearing 12k territories with less editing and post-production. Trouble-free music that doesn’t remain stuck in the molasses of total worthlessness. (Audiomoves)


This guitarist is described by the label as the “enfant terrible” of Baltic music. Mothers can rest easy, for what is presented in Slow is a series of pieces informed by inconclusive, mostly clean-toned noodling drenched in an annoyingly over-pronounced tremolo. The overall feel is by and large consonant, extremely basic designs only rarely “broken” by a measure of garbled acceleration, showing Milasius’ facility on the instrument as ordinary at best. If this wasn’t enough, the last track adds a strained fuzz melody to a worn-out pseudo-blues chord progression. Atrocious, yet a coherent ending, one would say. Wondering how this usually serious imprint justifies the support of this slipshod thing, if not with some kind of personal favour. Remove “enfant”, it’s just terrible. (Nemu)

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