Appel Music

The cover of this CDR (published in 2009) does not specify what I managed to gather by reading the scarce information existing on the web, namely that its sonic content was conceived via no-input mixer. Indeed the richness of the pulsations had me thinking about analogue synthesis; the sounds contained herein are for the large part very “present”, stratified as they are in masses of relatively static fluxes. However, it didn’t begin in the same way: at the outset, there’s a tentativeness of sorts which is pleasing to savour, a “testing of the waters” so to speak. Isolated surges, stretches of uncertain tranquillity; then, basic combinations of frequencies that with the passage of time become more complex (never excessively, though). The whole goes on with an appreciable degree of structure, despite the overall sense of limitlessness. The acoustic colours are occlusive yet luminescent, hard to actually describe given the simple forms but also deep enough to warrant several moments of convincing trance. The finale fuses all the instances into thick slabs of droning energy, intoxicating fumes barely changing until the last 30 seconds. Probably the finest recording heard in this quarter by the multitask Malaysian.

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