PINK SALIVA – Hardcore: La Brique

Bug Incision

Half an hour of improvisations recorded in 2008 at Montreal’s La Brique in front of a few fervent stray cats by the trio of Gordon Allen (trumpet), Michel F. Côté (drums, feedback) and Alexandre St-Onge (electric bass, laptop). The first track evolves from a thick sludge of moderately dissonant layers – abounding in piercing pitches and assorted noises – into a restrained crescendo of inside-the-wall screaming and sparse drumming, the whole entirely accompanied by Allen’s mutating squeals. The following episode begins with what sounds as the jangle of a detuned guitar (perhaps a sample from the computer?) transiting through a snarl-and-growl phase to end within a regular rhythm sustaining more wailing and distortion in a sort of post-post-post rock ritual. Picture a small group of Glenn Branca alumni trying a rendition of Tony Conrad’s Outside The Dream Syndicate. After some words exchanged with the attendants, the last minutes are characterized by a previously unheard subtleness, the musicians performing at the edge of audibility but still preferring slender harmonics, overdriven threats and near-subliminal melodic designs – plus some horn-derived babbling when needed – to the easy glory of posturing. The lo-fi recording quality notwithstanding, good stuff all the time.

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