DONATO WHARTON – A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark


I often happen to remain in awe in front of the wealth of words that certain reviewers are able to produce for a record, especially when it is very short. This 10-inch vinyl by Donato Wharton is largely built on environments deriving from an electric guitar subjected to a cycle of processing that, in the most satisfying examples of his work, exalts the shady characteristics of solitariness. A mixture of rather abstract melancholic gloominess and wobbly chords and arpeggios, occasionally infested by the typical semi-welcome disturbances generated by crunchy electrostatic noises, earth loops and somewhat controlled feedback; not unforgettable yet, in some occasions, perfect for stopping the mind for a handful of precious instants of relief. There are many practitioners of similar types of aural depiction in this galaxy, but at least Wharton shows good taste and sensible ears, the unobtrusive qualities of the music definitely overcoming the few weak points. Speaking of which, the cleaner, “normal” figurations could have been left aside to furnish the successions of pallid auras and grimy harmonics with even more descriptive depth. This notwithstanding, A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark is still an acceptable outing, provided that the Fennesz and Aidan Baker comparisons seen around the web are kept at safe distance.

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