GREG BURK – Many Worlds

482 Music

This 2009 release is the first by a quartet featuring pianist Greg Burk at work with woodwind player Henry Cook, bassist Ron Seguin and drummer Michel Lambert. A couple of mental notes materialized while the CD was spinning: one concerns with the Coltranian character of many pieces, the other is the welcome news that we’re not in presence of vacuous blatherers relying on technique for noble statements reeking of falsity from a mile. The impression of “invocation and subsequent flow” transmitted during a considerable number of sections recharges the listener’s batteries without the necessity of shouting. Points are made through a type of spirituality that does not cross the borders separating good and bad taste; the moral principles appear fueled by the “right” kind of instrumental vision. It’s not only contemplation, though. Elegant vamps and more adventurous inspections are also part of the recipe, but the disrespectful “let’s-get-this-in-who-cares” attitude – typical of projects exploiting exotic/esoteric nuances in the name of a hypothetical global brotherhood, ultimately resulting in McDonald-like cancerous meat loafs for the ears – is totally absent. A pleasant record, informed by a tranquil sureness that renders the acoustic combinations relaxingly brilliant.

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