THOMAS LEHN / MARCUS SCHMICKLER – Live Double Séance (Antaa Kalojen Uida)

Editions Mego

The technical description of the generative methods for this music is quite simple, so to speak. Lehn on his analogue synthesizer and Schmickler on a computer improvised together in November 2010 during a festival in Helsinki, the results diffused by a six-channel loudspeaker system in the hall. This edition comprises a vinyl LP and a DTS 5.1 Surround Sound, audio-only DVD, the latter – needless to say – representing the best choice to fathom a vague idea of the original experience. The couple has been collaborating for 13 years, and it shows: it is indeed difficult to find three quarters of an hour of electronically generated substance sounding so coherently devised and structured on the spot. There are of course dominant traits in the general textural aspects, mostly revolving around the inherent throbs and rhythms of the oscillators and on the different combinations of eruptive noises and brain-stimulating pulses. Also noticeable is the way in which the musicians alternate violence and calmness, to the point of surprising – quite often – with segments whose stillness is almost transfixing, making the subsequent returns of geyser-like ejections all the more startling. It’s one of those instances in which what’s unorthodox appears so beautiful that the acceptance of atypical phenomena becomes nearly effortless, provided that the audience possesses the necessary training to a continuous succession of unanticipated turns and amazingly gorgeous harshness.

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