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Solo release – dated 2010 – from a 28-year old Australian double bassist who has performed and/or collaborated with some major name of the improv scene, including never-enough-sung Jon Rose. Five pieces that try to deepen Majkowski’s growing interest in his solitary excursions through the textural varieties of an instrument that has imperceptibly become a veritable protagonist in the hands of many free players over the last decade. It is not easy to deal with the big beast alone, but Ink On Paper is an album that exudes humanity and dignity even in the fractions where the excitement produced by the music is not excessive (the opening “Pizzicato”, replete with all sorts of plucks that do not depict anything truly meaningful, and the final “Current”, a rather indecisive stab at crossing EAI silences and resonant properties). And yet, during instances such as the nervously rebellious “Foam And Straw” and – especially – the fantastic crescendo of thickly layered circular figures of the title track, twenty minutes of trance-inducing geometric mayhem, the weak points are forgotten. If on the one hand we’re not praising the lord for a new miracle, on the other I sincerely appreciated the general feel of honesty that the large part of this CD discloses. Overall, Majkowski sounds like an egoless instrumentalist, which means a lot in my book.

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