@C – 0°-100°

Monochrome Vision

Working at the blurred margins of what’s immediately decipherable (for instance, but not exclusively, liquid percolations and gushes in every possible manifestation and shape) and what is not (the fruits of a computerized process that attributes amorphous resonances and rearranged configurations to the original sounds) Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais show once more that their place among the generators of logically turbulent soundscapes featuring a large range of gradations and dynamics should be in the first rows. The abundant hour of 0°-100° contains numerous references to what my ears partially distinguish as industrial unfoldings: pressure and mechanical repetition are two essential traits of the piece, which is divided in eight sections succeeding without interruptions. If you pictured a cynical demonstration of heartless power, think again, though; the level of rationalism is indeed high, yet the “human” element is still at work, and we can feel it rather clearly – not to mention the wonderful blackbird tweets ending the whole. Quite impressively, everything appears inevitably related and coherently inserted within the composition’s structure, attributing lucidity and consistency to a meticulously assembled patchwork informed by a thoroughly no-nonsense attitude. Caveat: interrupting the sonic flow is anathema. This record makes sense only if listened in its entirety, thus set aside some quality time to give it the deserved concentration.

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