1982 – Pintura


Having lost contact with ECM’s productions in the last fifteen years or so, when I read that the Norwegian trio 1982 comprises recording artists for Manfred Eicher’s imprint the response was nonexistent. All for the better, I believe – no influence whatsoever on the evaluation. The fact is that after three listens my opinion on Pintura has not exactly stabilized in a definitive judgement yet. Nils Økland on Hardanger fiddle, Sigbjørn Apeland on harmonium and Wurlitzer organ, and Øyvind Skarbø on percussion produce music that sounds crepuscularly evanescent one moment, tonally secure the next, aurally agreeable for its large part without any new ground broken. Subtle harmonics and reclusive melodic hints are followed by sections where the drums become a more consistent element; the folk roots are never too far away in the overall scenario. However the psychological impact doesn’t last: it’s like being the protagonists of a semi-lucid dream where you think of recognizing details and faces, but wake up with just a vague remembrance of the plot. Ultimately the record leaves me a little doubtful, especially for the lack of genuinely deep emotions despite the musicians’ obvious discernment. A wintry picture that doesn’t reveal truly crucial particulars.

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