KLIVE – Sweaty Psalms

Mille Plateaux

Klive is the pseudonym of Icelandic Úlfur Hansson, who alone is responsible for all that is heard in the nicely titled Sweaty Psalms (except for DivaDeLaRosa’s vocals in the peculiarly, and exquisitely slanted “Common Wealth”). You know that I’m not an expert in techno things – I’m not an expert in anything, actually – however with a certain degree of sureness it can be affirmed that the CD sounds very sweet to these ears. The principal factor in this extreme summarization of a judgement is called “compositional scent”: Klive is not just interested in banging your face with thumps and samples (though he’s also using them) but tries to set up different atmospheric conditions for his structures to evolve and allure; rounding the corners and eliminating surplus fats seems to be relatively easy for the composer. It’s not always a given that the result is satisfying, yet the attempt is definitely appreciated. Mechanical repetition, Soft Machine-like minimal electric piano patterns (the title track), harmonic luminosities, exotic cordiality, involuntary tips of the hat to Muslimgauze and Thierry Zaboitzeff, asymmetrical realities and – in general – a sense of involvement for this listener that’s usually missing in this type of release. Totally pretenceless stuff, lovely.

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