OLAF HOCHHERZ – Hé, Vous, Là-Bas!

Free Software Series

Loyal readers know that lately I tend to become rather grouchy when pondering on records defined by few risible incidents emerging from perpetual silences. That’s what was initially happening with this disc, recorded on Hochherz’s Ubuntu Studio (this writer is also an eager Ubuntu apprentice, about to deepen his knowledge of sound editing software for personal purposes; maybe this helped…). The piece lasts circa 51 minutes and it was created during a stay in China. Its structure is something like an arc: sparse events at the beginning, increment in their frequency halfway through (including a segment where urban field recordings appear in the background, most probably the actual origin of the modified sinewaves which the composer affirms of having utilized), then rarefaction again to conclude the whole. The nature of the short outbursts heard throughout resembles that of amplified noises from the stomach of a sick person; burbling fluids and gases, you get the picture. It’s funny to hear the stuff when combined in more substantial bundles, they even function satisfactorily in conjunction with a quiet listening environment’s invisible acoustic traits. And work OK via headphone, too. There’s no authentic reason for me not to dismiss this cheap artifact with the usual depreciatory comments, however this time it won’t happen. A nice match to one’s own muteness, but I can’t tell exactly why.

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