PETER EVANS – Beyond Civilized And Primitive

Dancing Wayang

It may sound surprising for someone, but this new solo LP by Peter Evans has more to do with timbral subtleness rather than being just another container of inexhaustible improvisational talkativeness. Six tracks that identify many of the trumpeter’s previously unrevealed facets in terms of breath and tongue management, limitation of the screaming tendencies and delineation of a brilliantly neurotic minimalism. In that sense, the tremendous “History Is Broken” – 12 minutes of air retransmission via a restricted number of notes with myriads of intrinsic changes of tempo – is set to alter your equilibrium, for better or worse. Elsewhere, Evans privileges veiled signals and quiet murmurs, drawing unadorned melodic sketches that remain momentous in virtue of a distinguishable instant analysis of the constituents of each pitch emitted.

Among the label’s aims is to “provide artists with free studio time and access to a high-quality recording facility” (their own, Eastcote Studios in London). What the lone protagonist did to substantiate that intent was to record wavering clusters of superimposed tones (the enigmatic “What Is Possible?” and “Our Nature Is Not A Location”) and also putting on a clash between two parallel lines in “We Like Hot Baths And Sailing Ships…”, with results that could astonish a bit before reinforcing the evidence of a total musician. Except perhaps for “Simple Tools For Complex Reasons” – a “classic” exploration of what’s sloshing, plopping and fizzing inside those tubes and valves – the whole album is a welcome diversion from an equally exceptional norm. It comes in a hand-packaged limited edition, thus you know what must be done.

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