BLOOM PROJECT – Sudden Aurora


Following a quartet release under the name of Bloom (not yet heard on these shores), two notable members of that unit – Thollem Mcdonas and Rent Romus – ride a tandem directed to the more concealed, yet still totally reachable neighbourhoods of piano-and-reed extemporaneous performance. Knowing the level of technical adeptness and the confidence in what they’re able to attain by just sensing each other (and themselves), there’s no necessity to be worried: this is a high-quality recording from every point of view. Only the first and the final track seem to display hints to the sort of regimented topsy-turvydom typically delivered by artists at the ardent apex of their instantaneous production. The remainder, including slices in which Mcdonas utilizes the piano’s internal organs as percussive/jangling sources of conflict, is largely played along the lines of a judicious rendering of introspective tempers interspersed with speculative circumlocutions. What transpires is the duo’s purpose of maintaining an eye on the inscrutable side of honest-to-goodness creative thinking, a formulation fundamentally headed towards the highlighting of insidious chromaticism (Romus’ atypically cushioned methods bringing out the innermost pitch components) and restrained melting of the respective voices. Whenever the ringing of a convoluted arpeggio on the lower region of the keyboard rejoins certain inspiriting sax tones, a sensation of warm-heartedness materializes. No anxiety, no hostility whatsoever: solely, a plain correspondence of intents.

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