COLLA PARTE – Fields/Figures


The only familiar name in Colla Parte was that of double bassist and former Andrea Centazzo teammate Daniel Barbiero, who was also nice enough to send me this charming disc. Reed player and flutist Perry Conticchio and vibraphonist/percussionist Rich O’Meara are both first encounters for yours truly, and I really can’t understand how players so technically equipped and gifted with polished musicianship and sensible expertise can be practically unheard of. Lack of right connections, perhaps? Anyhow, Fields/Figures consists of eight improvisations titled after combinations of colours (“Orange On Red”, “Indigo On Grey”, you get the picture). Although the pieces are noticeably embedded in an amalgamation of chamber jazz traits and somewhat unsmiling moods, it is quite hard to stick a recognized genre’s tag to the album. Conticchio enunciates his ideas through unambiguous melodic designs, an articulated intricacy frequently appearing from nowhere to remind us about a talent endowed with abundant doses of warmth. Barbiero shifts between broken swinging pulses and arcoed awareness, congruence of expression at the basis of an unpretentious style hiding several riches. O’Meara caresses the vibes with unflappable elegance, generating halos of gleaming tones; when he decides to use the most evident aspects of percussion in “Yellow/Ochre”, the music becomes mildly bumpier, still maintaining a palpable dignity.

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