MUSIIKKIVYÖRY – Tulemme Sokeiksi


2009 CD release collecting the cream (“sludge” is probably the exact term) of two cracker-barrel cassettes released in 1981 by Musiikkivyöry / Mika Taanila, who was 15 at that time then grew to be a hailed film-maker (huh? Grant me pardon, for my ante-penultimate escapade with the medium dates back to watching a rebroadcast of Lady And The Tramp with my wife during a summer vacation). A specially introverted kid growing in a hidebound kind of environment, Taanila was nevertheless able to gibber masses of crust-like rhythms and atrocious-yet-sublime distortions that literally puncture the membranes, the whole flavoured with acromegalic utterances, radio snippets filtered by cascades of fuzz, and cut-up shards of psychic insanity. Some of this stuff sounds more exciting (and entrancing) than the work of a few “illustrious” entities in the same area of manifestation of repressed human impulse; other spurts – especially the three “Nimetön” (“Untitled”) – might have been performed with equal success by a convulsive autistic recluse, hideous discharges of drivel possessing neither cosmetic nor artistic value. Postlude: a moderately challenging anthology of noisy reductivism whose outcome is occasionally superior to the spur-of-the-moment existential discontent that was animating its creator when he pressed the “record” button thirty years ago.

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