NOISE OF TROUBLE – Bloody Route / From The Country Where Women Are Older Than God


The name is a clear accolade to Last Exit, Peter Brötzmann an acknowledged influence. Yet Noise Of Trouble – from Rome – do not imitate or even recall the above mentioned names, instead pushing closer to a series of realities that came to mind randomly while listening to the 90 minutes of this work, organized as a double album yet extant only in the guise of a free download (with the chance of a contribution: do it). Throw them out now, explain later: Blast, Zu, Curlew, Doctor Nerve, Motor Totemist Guild and what in general is referred to the post-RIO area of reconfigured improvisation. These are definitely entities that should draw a few prying listeners within the interplay of reedists Marco Colonna and Claudio Martini, bassist Luca Corrado and drummer Cristian Lombardo.

The subjacent conception is a “reverse journey” through the itineraries that brought African immigrants to Europe. Issues too long and complex to compound in a review, but still demanding to be deepened (hopefully NOT will translate their interesting thesis into English one day). The music, then: vibrantly effective in terms of askew riffage and broken tempos, performed with accuracy and righteousness, reasonably impressive when the conjugation of akin timbres – say, bassoon and bass clarinet – produces the sort of intrinsic acoustic quaking that leads a flux of diverse upper partials to fuse inside a single concordant cry. The moods are often grave (without grouchiness), the level of force warranted by Corrado and Lombardo able to feed a small electric cabinet. Headphones are needed to catch the subtleties, otherwise play loud as necessary. Seldom Italian musicians – including self-professed “experimenters” – escape the trap of plagiarism, however this writer is not excessively straying from truth when stating that the morsel he just finished chewing tastes as fresh-cut meat for the ears, and basically sincere.

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