A pretty powerful statement by McFall, released on Asher’s imprint in 2010. Seven tracks whose foremost traits are defined by an essential cyclicality, mainly based on looping patterns imbued with an underlying gloominess. This renders any piece perfect as the photograph of a state of mind, particularly when one’s not exactly in a bright-light mood. The Kansas composer possesses an unambiguous talent in extracting the same quantities of psychologically affecting content from each of his sources: one distinguishes – barely – vinyl noise, customized urban resonance, under-the-roof movements and mechanical clatter as primary presences in a recipe that only rarely is also spiced with glimpses of real instruments. Thus, The Body As I Left It sounds like a stifled trip through a series of upsetting remembrances and the various stages of a troubled REM phase, the music on the whole characterized by an almost total lack of acute frequencies and by the classic sense of ineluctability – associated to extremely effective processing – that informs the best albums in the zone where drones, concrete matters and obscure forebodings meet. As a soundtrack for the afternoons of many “do-nothing-because-the-end-is-near” kind of individuals, this will work spectacularly.

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