ROSEN FÜR ALLE – Live In Zurich


A trio that improvises with gusto in almost total dearth of typecasts, Rosen Für Alle are Christoph Gallio on alto and soprano sax, Jan Roder on double bass and Oliver Steidle on drums. The six tracks propose music that is noncompliant in a somewhat humorous way, not predisposed to resentment, apparently unlinked. The musicians favor razor-sharp reports as opposed to gratuitous panegyrics, leaving a modicum of space around multitudes of quirky pitches and lithe digressions, so that the audience can at least believe of having committed to memory, if not entirely digested, a part of the helpings. Jumpy drafts typified by the innate elegance of technically advanced (and yet open-minded) instrumentalists, lots of hypothetical associations in hundreds of fizzing bubbles with a vague scent of modern-day free jazz. Gallio’s eloquence remains evident along flights through various phraseologies, a gently caustic timbre defining healthily misleading melodic snippets. Roder’s dodging of prescriptions – the bass as the propellant of a vehicle in which three drivers often wish to take the wheel at the same moment – and Steidle’s unreal mastery of convulsive pulse’s secreted aspects boost the general get-up-and-go temper. Things are told in your face, sometimes slightly antagonistically. Then, a smile appears.

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