PALAGRACHIO – Looking For A Looking For


Ivan Palacký operates an amplified knitting machine (for the record, a Dopleta 160), thus providing fragments of beat, types of frequencies that occasionally tend to a mild saturation of the membranes, and a slight grubbiness that is necessary to blemish silence when the right time comes. Teammate Peter Graham plays piano in the first track, harmonium in the second. The singular combinations of activity explored in Looking For A Looking For took a while to work in this listener’s discerning systems, however after three listens or so the music’s logic was acknowledged, even if not completely agreed upon. The improvisational arc in the larger chunk of the disc begins with Graham producing quasi-luscious chords and soft resonances over Palacký’s subdued tampering. Subsequently the piece’s structural definition gets thinner and thinner, almost to the level of the most vacuous kind of EAI in terms of significance yet somewhat pleasurable as far as the mere succession of events is concerned as one’s kept good company from tapping-knocking-and-clattering presences that do not disturb. When, in the succeeding segment, a tentative meeting of single harmonium pitches and further whirr-and-click condensations merges into a short yet unrelenting drone, the straws at which we were clutching to address our sympathy towards this album get a little stronger, alas momentarily. On the whole a decent release with a reasonable cohesiveness between its parts, though still distant from the uppermost stages of acoustic nirvana.

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