There’s a sense of barbed menace in the six tracks of this superb CD. Rupp – whose temperament on electric guitar is twice as mordacious than his acoustic counterpart – throws up astringent jangles and straightforward messages bathed in vitriolic liquids, blistering resonances emerging from umbrageous spurts. Müller removes the expected stumbling blocks that may be hypothesized when an instrument like the trombone – not a model of malleability to start with – becomes the pliable means for a quixotic battle against the rot-smelling supercharged intellectualism that even respectable improvisers expose in some of their trades. The lone member never met before by yours truly – drummer Fischerlehner – is a welcome surprise, a new participant in the festival of accent-displacing propellers who treat toms, cymbals and snares as pretexts for spirited discussions, if not out-and-out scraps. Jointly speaking, the music resulting from these ignitable exchanges sounds consistent, often galvanic, ultimately unpredictable. The way in which the instrumental colourations combine, in union with the noticeable affinity between the musicians, makes for a clutch of bubbling improvisations that manage to preserve sharpness during the most boisterous fragments.

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