Random Cuneiform Picks From The “Recent-Or-So” Past, Part 2: Led Bib

LED BIB – Sensible Shoes

Drummer Mark Holub is the compositional deus ex-machina behind Led Bib, whose lineup is also shaped by bassist Liran Donin, keyboardist Toby McLaren and the sax tandem of Pete Grogan and Chris Williams. Sensible Shoes is an album that requires a measure of persistence in order to obtain maximum pleasure from it. On a first listen one thinks about a classic Cuneiform offer, RIO tints in jazzy sauce with sudden harsher digressions; but there’s definitely more. The ability of seducing the ears via composite counterpoints flowing into sheer lyricism (“Water Shortage”, “Zone 4*”). The powerful dissonant riffage of “Sweet Chilli” and “Call Centre Labyrinth”, nearly grotesque stridency revealing instrumental compactness and utter disbelief in traditional values, facilitated by the lack of guitar-related commonplaces. The initial “Yes, Again” grows and immediately stops; you breathe for a second, only to be thrown in a pot bubbling with vehement pulsations and erratic changes, spiraling saxophones constituting both the melodic source and the ornamentations. A mercurial unit for sure, the quintet positively belongs among the bands to follow with interest in the label’s plentiful troops. Honest and vigorous, executing their scores with the “right” kind of zeal, still leaving room to authenticity.


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