MACHINE MASS TRIO – As Real As Thinking


In the beginning, Machine Mass Trio was born as a collateral project of douBt, with which two members – drummer Tony Bianco and guitarist Michel Delville – are shared. The third element is Belgian reedman Jordi Grognard, who adds traces of lyricism to a handful of tracks that were recorded live in the studio, without overdubs. Indeed As Real As Thinking presents several pros and just a few cons deriving from the above referenced state of affairs. One good thing is that the trio almost never shows signs of indolence, the music generally verging on the vibrant side of things. The irrefutable knowledge of the contestants makes sure that descents into the hell of blast-and-jam vacuity are mostly averted. This is indubitably a relief, given the amount of genres and moods touched: atonal electro-jazz vibes, rocking riffage and ritual Om (though generated by the instruments) all belong to the recipe. On occasion, the variable interests of the band cause the clarity of intents to dwindle a bit, and there are in truth scattered minutes where the musicians seem to struggle to find a legitimate improvisational structure. Yet the bulk of the record is solid enough to prevent the listener from focusing too much on those slightly anaemic moments.

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