Given that a reviewer receives copious quantities of promos, the obvious risk is that masterworks may remain buried amidst towering masses of stuff. It Ain’t Necessarily So is one of those great records, something that strikes and asks for repeated spins right away. It’s a double CD released in 2008 documenting a performance taped two years prior at Vienna’s Porgy And Bess, in which the union between Palestine and Perlonex (Ignaz Schick, Jörg Maria Zeger and Burkhard Beins) produces genuinely supernatural sonorities. To be perfectly clear, this material is largely superior to their first recorded meeting in 2006’s Tensions on Nexsound. There’s a series of factors explaining the force of this set. Both entities sound utterly determined in extracting precious essences from a communion of intents: nothing gets wasted, every gesture revealing a definite purpose in spite of the atmosphere of shamanic entrancement maintained throughout (culminating in Palestine’s deformation of the famous Gershwin song, a moment of incongruous bewilderment that cannot fail to affect).

Yet the main reason behind the magnificence of the textural gravity is the near-perfection in the amalgamation of the sources. Perlonex use percussion, guitars, effects, sine wave generators, loopers and various objects to produce droning grains that – put in comparison with the American’s now compellingly repetitive, now gently rarefied piano – literally expand our awareness in a bewitching rite of private absorption. The second disc in particular contains a long phase (developed along a segment identified with the name “Part Two”) in which we can’t call the result “music” anymore. What’s heard is a fusion of vibrating spirits, including those of a transfixed audience that releases what was kept inside before in deserved ovations at the end, which comes after inherent tension and acoustic ruggedness are gradually amplified in a spectacular crescendo.

Get a copy of this release by any possible means, and do not listen to it if someone else is around. Isolation is mandatory in these cases.

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